Incredible special sale offers
On all compressor types
Free inspection
Incredible special sale offers
Free inspection
On all compressor types



AC For Cars is an air conditioning garage that provides advanced car air conditioning solutions. 

We specialize in supplying, repairing and installing new and refurbished compressors, compressors from disassembly, repair and sale of ancillary equipment for the air conditioning system in the vehicle.

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Car air conditioning garage at fair prices:

The sale to garages and private customers, without brokerage fees. We guarantee attractive prices!

We make deliveries to all parts of the country. 

Furthermore, the installation centers are open on weekdays, Sunday-Thursday, in three branches.

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Renovation and repair of car AC systems:

Repair and installation services for the entire car AC system: Repair and replacement of AC compressor, evaporator, condenser, blower, car AC gas filling (R134 or 1234yf), expansion valve replacement, and more.

Our company is a leader in the Israeli car AC market and provides professional and courteous service. Car AC repair (for all types of vehicles and nationwide) is performed by a skilled and experienced team, using only dedicated tools and original spare parts.

Has your car AC stopped cooling, or is it not working at all? No problem, we are here to provide you with an immediate and quick solution:  073-2726033

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Huge storage of

At the cheapest
prices in Israel


Full warranty
for six months

Special Offers:

תודה רבה, פרטיכם נקלטו !
נציג מטעמנו יצור אתכם קשר בהקדם
לקוחות יקרים! אנו מבינים שחם לכם וישנה בעיה עם המזגן אך המוסך אינו פועל בשעות אלו, נא השאירו פרטים מלאים ואנו נשמח להעניק לכם שירות ולחזור אליכם מיד עם פתיחת המוסך.
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